Regular or Decaf for the Mom-to-Be???

Attention Moms-to-Be…you need to beware of the barista at your friendly coffee shop who may be giving you decaf instead of regular coffee. I could not believe this story but yet again I was a New Yorker and it could definitely have happened.

As far as I know it is not up to the coffee servers to police what a pregnant women orders and it is truly none of their business.

So next time you order your coffee check and make sure you get what you ordered…

“Should You Be Eating That?” Luckily no one has asked me that, or I might flip out. I have had people tell me I shouldn’t worry about nitrates or cold-cuts, that all that is just overblown scare tactics, but I also don’t really think it’s anyone’s place to tell me to ignore my doctor’s advice or what makes me comfortable.

That being said, I currently live in NYC where anonymity is as treasured as rent-controlled apartments. So it’s rare my baristas down the street would think to call me out on my morning ice coffees with my emerging bump in tow. They’ve got their own crap to deal with than what I’m feeding myself and my unborn baby child.

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