Planes…Trains and Germs…

Many of you will be traveling this holiday and these few tips from the WSJ could help prevent you from getting sick…

I have a hard time thinking about any place that I am in more close proximity with strangers than on a full flight…

Cleanliness on a plane??? I have been more aware of this since I travel with my toddler granddaughter.

Prevention is key and since we have a nut allergy as well…it is doubly important that we clean the seats and tray tables.

Hydration is also important…not just drinking fluids but also keeping your nose moist with saline nose drops can help.

The seat pockets are a definite “no…no”…they are used as a garbage bag by most passengers…including myself (I do carry plastic bags where I deposit my trash before stuffing it into the seat back pocket)…where else is there to put trash while you wait for the flight attendants to arrive with the garbage bag???

Well…I hope these tips help and that all of you have safe, happy and healthy holidays.

Hydrate. Drinking water and keeping nasal passages moist with a saline spray can reduce your risk of infection.

Clean your hands frequently with an alcohol-based hand sanitizer. We often infect ourselves, touching mouth, nose or eyes with our own hands that have picked up something.

Use a disinfecting wipe to clean off tray tables before using.

Avoid seat-back pockets.Open your air vent, and aim it so it passes just in front of your face. Filtered airplane air can help direct airborne contagions away from you.

Change seats if you end up near a cougher, sneezer or someone who looks feverish. That may not be possible on very full flights, but worth a try. One sneeze can produce up to 30,000 droplets that can be propelled as far as six feet.Raise concerns with the crew if air circulation is shut off for an extended period.

Avoid airline pillows and blankets if you find them.

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