Kid’s Birthday Bashes….


As a mom, kids’ birthday parties have always irritated me …as a grandmother I realize not much has changed…my feelings are pretty much the same as they were “back in the day”.

Now don’t get me wrong…I love a good party and I guess that is the question. What is a good party for a toddler and preschooler?

My guidelines:

  • pick a theme
  • make it simple
  • make it fun
  • no gifts
  • useful goody bags
  • no candy

I prefer a morning party for a young child and have actually hosted a couple of “breakfast” parties. The kids usually eat and by lunch time all is said and done and there still is something left of the day….Years back we actually did a diner theme party from the “Penny Whistle Party Planner“. It was fun and entertaining…more importantly, the kids loved it.

Afternoon parties can be problematic if naps are still part of a child’s routine but let’s say it is an early afternoon event.,,, like after lunch,  snacks and cake…maybe decorate your own cupcakes would amuse…some work involved …messy of course but let’s be creative here. How about ending with a game or two?

A late afternoon party could incorporate dinner foods like pizza and then parents don’t have to worry about getting the kids to eat after they are stuffed with sweets…

Some type of theme is always fun…and the kids really do enjoy make-believe and seeing their parents role playing. Penny Whistle is a great reference…it is a timeless go to book.


Face it most kids don’t really need anything…they have stuff and more stuff.

So what about those gifts…how about asking for diapers to deliver to a shelter (Every Little Bottom) or some other thoughtful donation and have one gift from the parents or grandparents to open at the party.

On to those goody bags…or should I say “not so good bags”.

What about these…

lets just skip them altogether….nah!

or how about some simple useful stuff…

…crayons and a nice coloring book …easy and useful…markers and paper…no candy…please no candy

The party does not have to be at home but that of course is nice…

But let’s be realistic…how about checking out kid friendly venues and adapting it to your needs.

In any event…make it a kid friendly…

Happy Birthday!

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