Toast Tuesday

Toast Tuesday!

This week, I would like to feature Melinda Tripp on my blog.

She is devoted to the safety of children and most importantly teaching children to be safe.

Take a look at her blog and give two thumbs up to PROJECT SAFE!


About the Author and PROJECT SAFE:

If you want every child as I do to grow up safely, make good choices, be  confident, empowered and success-filled, welcome aboard the express train to safe kids across the nation.

A plan tailored by parents and teachers for their child, their family and their class.

Welcome to my world, the one where we strive together to grow the safest next generation.

I am calling it PROJECT SAFE.

via About the Author and PROJECT SAFE « Teachsafety.

2 thoughts on “Toast Tuesday

  1. Thank you for supporting children’s safety! I began teaching child safety after my daughter’s best friend was in an attempted stranger-kidnapping.
    The bus she was in was being followed, waiting for one child to get off, and become the target of the two males. When she got off the bus her mother was not there, so she began the quarter mile trek up the gravel road to her home past the dairy. When the men pulled into the lane and tried to grab her, she slipped out of her backpack, and dove thought the bar wire fence, and ran to the milk barn, yelling toward the safety and protection of her neighbors. Then she told……this is just one of the stories used to help empower children as they face life’s various situations.
    In 1994 I wrote the first curriculum for teachers, to teach Abduction Prevention Education and Safety or APE. I began a new career teaching over a hundred thousand children over 14 years, safety strategies in School and Parent Assemblies. This vital information, is now available to parents, and teachers in an easy to use book. I hope every parent will choose to engage their child in age appropiriate safety strategies and tailor this education to the child’s and classroom’s needs. The program is circular, reminding and refreshing as more age specific strategies are added as they grow. Children can have the power to be safe!
    Join me, let’s make this the safest generation!
    Sincerely, Author Melinda Reynolds Tripp
    And What Should You Do? On Facebook!
    There is no national situational safety education yet, but I have hope!
    Each book has an audio download as well and upload of pictures for teachers using overhead projectors. This way every student has a turn practicing the techniques to Say No! To a bad situation, or bad behavior, Go! And Tell!
    What Should You Do? Helping Children Protect Themselves in the Twenty First Century. Tate Publishing 2010

    • I am happy to support Project Saftey…it seems many parents do not want to scare their children so they don’t do enough to teach them how to be safe. My grandmother was adamant about making me aware of situations that could be potentially dangerous…we live in New York and I spent a lot of time traveling back and forth alone in the city… I am still careful to this day. Thanks Melinda for all your work to protect our precious children.

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