Breast Cancer Sucks!

Over twenty years ago I lost my best friend to breast cancer…she was 41 years old and had a three year old daughter.

I can still remember when she called to tell me she had a found a lump in her breast and her doctor thought it was a plugged milk duct because her baby daughter was not even six months old.

She had a mastectomy, chemo and radiation…her life ended a little over three years after her battle with cancer began. She fought a very hard fight…she wanted to see her daughter grow up but knew in the end she would not.

I watched her daughter grow up. She became an advocate for women with the breast cancer “gene”…her mother would be proud of her accomplishments.

In this month of October, I want to urge all women, if they can, to get involved in cancer awareness and breast cancer research. You can “Act with Love” by joining the Health of Women Study at This is a new revolutionary project of the Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation that was launched to the public on October 1st.


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