A New Year … Bring it…

Welcome 2013…the last few weeks of 2012 have been hectic ones, complicated by the flu, which stopped at our house and has lingered right into the New Year!

Our holidays were wonderful, although we had to make a few schedule adjustments due to “influenza”. For our sake and the sake of our friends we stayed home most of the time  not attending a favorite Christmas Eve family party.

For many years, we have been welcomed at the home of dear friends on Christmas Eve. When we first began to attend the festivities, our own children were teenagers…we all enjoyed the little kids that surrounded us and their excitement poured out to every adult when Santa and Mrs. Santa arrived.

Over the past 16 + years, we have only missed one or two Christmas Eves with the family that adopted us long ago, here in Chicagoland. Sadly, this year was one of those years.

We are now grandparents and our friends are now grandparents and great grand parents…so it was with sorrow that we decided to stay home to keep the “flu” confined to ourselves.

I had even planned ahead and contacted “Borrow Baby Couture” for a special little girl’s dress for the Christmas Eve meeting with Santa.

I was so excited when the Chloe dress arrived and I quickly opened the box when I realized it was from “Borrow Baby“.

Borrow Baby Couture

The dress was gorgeous, spectacular and sparkly …just what I wanted…even prettier than the picture on the “Borrow Baby Couture” web page. Truly fit for a “little princess”.

Chloe Dress from Borrow Baby Couture

But, Christmas Eve arrived and our family was literally down for the count and the beautiful dress remained in the beautiful box. Christmas Day, we all stayed close to home enjoying the holiday spirit among ourselves and a few other close family members, who were brave enough to come into our home.

So, I have packed the pretty princess dress in its box, already to ship back to “Borrow Baby Couture”.

Borrow Baby Couture

Easy return to “Borrow Baby Couture”

Admittedly, I am disappointed that the sparkly dress never made it far from its box…but Borrow Baby is still tops on my list when it comes to baby couture.

The convenience is unbeatable and the selection of dresses from infant to 4 years old is exquisite.

Disclosure: All opinions are my own. I have received the Borrow Baby Couture services as a gift for writing about my experience.



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