Toast Tuesday…

Yesterday, I was introduced to another blog that could become another of my favorites!


Pasta Night

I love food and enjoy cooking.

These days easy and healthy recipes are a must in our house.

Pasta Carbonara

So, I am introducing all of you to  mom a la mode. I hope you enjoy her as much as I do.


We’re big fans of keeping at least one day a week meatless in the mom a la mode household.  And even bigger fans of a

family-friendly, one-pot meal.  So when my friend and fellow blogger, Triple Threat Mommy asked me to do a guest post on her blog, I knew I wanted to share this … Continue reading »

via mom a la mode.

2 thoughts on “Toast Tuesday…

  1. So glad you enjoy Lisa and all of her mom a la mode findings! She’s a great blogger and an even better person. Thanks for stopping by !! -pam.

  2. *blushing* Thank you so much! Am delighted that you enjoy my blog (and its recipes!) More fun coming soon!
    mom a la mode

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