Birthday Wishes for Myself…

Yesterday was my birthday!

ebb and flow of my birthday

The joy of my day was staying home in Rhode Island with a view of the sea…all day!

We would celebrate quietly…if that is possible with a 5 year old in the house.

My idea of quiet has changed in the last few years and I am enjoying it immensely…the utter joy of having a child around, I simply cannot capture in words.

The clouds rolled in and out along with April showers…some lightening and some thunder.

Nature was singing, “Happy Birthday” to me!

I thought of April 23’s past and paused to remember my beloved brother, who died on my birthday a few short years ago.

He was my hero in many ways…older and wiser.

I miss him.

Birthdays come and go just like the tide…the years too.

I am thankful

I am blessed

I thank God every day and wish to be given many more April 23’s!





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