Pregnancy at 22 Weeks

Pregnancy at 22 Weeks

Pregnancy at 22 Weeks

Baby continues to grow and this is what is happening:

  • He is about 11 inches from head to toe and now weighs in at around 1 pound.
  • He is beginning to look like a tiny little newborn with lips, eyelids and eyebrows.
  • He has fine hair.
  • He looks wrinkled because he has not developed fat tissue yet.

You feel yourself getting larger especially your tummy.

Pregnancy keeps changing how you are feeling?

  • People tend to touch your belly if you don’t like this tell them.
  • Others will ask you how far along you are and will comment on how you look, bigger or smaller than you should at 22 weeks.
  • Pay no attention since everyone is different.
  • Stretch marks may begin to appear on your tummy, buttocks, thighs, hips and breast.
  • Lotion is not proven to help and many stretch marks disappear after you get back  you pre-pregnancy body.
  • See your practitioner on a regular basis to make sure all is okay.

Other things are changing too:

  • Your hair is getting thicker.
  • Your fingernails are growing faster.
  • Your nipples may be getting darker.
  • Your feet may increase in size.
  • Your rings may start to get snug, you may want to take them off now and wear your wedding band around your neck.

“I kept a journal for my son while I was pregnant, and I brought it to the hospital with me so I could write in it as soon as I was up to it. It really helped to share all the feelings I was having.”

Your pregnancy: 22 weeks | BabyCenter

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