Pregnancy at 22 Weeks

Pregnancy at 22 Weeks

Pregnancy at 22 Weeks

Baby continues to grow and this is what is happening:

  • He is about 11 inches from head to toe and now weighs in at around 1 pound.
  • He is beginning to look like a tiny little newborn with lips, eyelids and eyebrows.
  • He has fine hair.
  • He looks wrinkled because he has not developed fat tissue yet.

You feel yourself getting larger especially your tummy.

Pregnancy keeps changing how you are feeling?

  • People tend to touch your belly if you don’t like this tell them.
  • Others will ask you how far along you are and will comment on how you look, bigger or smaller than you should at 22 weeks.
  • Pay no attention since everyone is different.
  • Stretch marks may begin to appear on your tummy, buttocks, thighs, hips and breast.
  • Lotion is not proven to help and many stretch marks disappear after you get back  you pre-pregnancy body.
  • See your practitioner on a regular basis to make sure all is okay.

Other things are changing too:

  • Your hair is getting thicker.
  • Your fingernails are growing faster.
  • Your nipples may be getting darker.
  • Your feet may increase in size.
  • Your rings may start to get snug, you may want to take them off now and wear your wedding band around your neck.

“I kept a journal for my son while I was pregnant, and I brought it to the hospital with me so I could write in it as soon as I was up to it. It really helped to share all the feelings I was having.”

Your pregnancy: 22 weeks | BabyCenter

Pregnancy at 21 Weeks

Pregnancy at 21 Weeks

Pregnancy at 21 Weeks


Wow…your baby is really growing and weighs in at around 3/4 of a pound and is now 10 1/2 inches long…the size of a carrot.

His kicks and movements are felt more at this point and a pattern of wakefulness may be experienced by you.


Your life now at 21 weeks pregnant:

  • You are probably feeling pretty good now so enjoy this time
  • If you have acne, increased oil production in your skin may exacerbate your break-outs. Wash with a gentle soap and check with your doctor before taking any oral acne meds as some can be hazardous during pregnancy. Even check with your doctor about topical products as well.
  • Varicose veins can appear now due to increasing pressure on your veins and increased progesterone levels. This can be hereditary so if other family members have varicose veins you may develop them also. Minimizing them … suggestions include, daily exercise, elevating your feet and legs whenever it is possible and sleeping on your left side…maternity support hose is also recommended.
  • Spider veins may appear also, these are not varicose veins, they do not cause discomfort and may actually disappear after your delivery.

Your baby preparation:

  • Start your baby registry
  • Suggestions: do not register for clothes, you will get clothing, friends and family love to buy these cutie things, do ask for big ticket items because friends and families like to join in on these gifts rather than clothes because they know you will need these things.

Is sex ever off-limits during pregnancy?
You’ll need to abstain if you have any of the following conditions or symptoms:

  • placenta previa
  • premature labor
  • vaginal bleeding
  • abdominal cramping
  • cervical insufficiency
  • a dilated cervix
  • your water has broken

You’ll also need to abstain if you or your partner has an outbreak of genital herpes or feel one coming on. Avoid intercourse and other genital contact for the entire third trimester if your partner has a history of genital herpes (and you don’t), even if he has no sores or symptoms. The same applies to receiving oral sex if he has oral herpes (cold sores). Finally, don’t have sex if you or your partner has any other sexually transmitted infection unless you’ve both been treated and follow-up testing was negative.

There are other situations in which your healthcare practitioner may advise you not to have sex.

via Your pregnancy: 21 weeks | BabyCenter

Your pregnancy at 19 weeks

Pregnancy at 19 Weeks

Pregnancy at 19 Weeks

Baby at Nineteen Weeks Gestation


Pregnancy at nineteen weeks and how your baby’s growing

  • Sensory development continues, your baby’s brain is specializing.
  • Taste, smell, hearing, vision and touch are developing.
  • It is time to talk and read to your baby and play your favorite music as well.
  • Baby weighs about 8 1/2 ounces and is about 6 inches long from head to rump.
  • Vernix caseosa is appearing on his skin to protect him from the amniotic fluid
  • Hair is also growing now.

Your life is changing too:

You may notice that you will be growing faster in the next weeks to come. This may produce some achiness brought on by your round ligaments which support your uterus and its increasing weight and size. If you have pain that continues when you are resting or if it becomes severe consult with your practitioner.

Skin changes:

  • Palms of hands may become red from extra estrogen
  • Darkened skin patches (chloasma) may appear on your upper lip, cheeks and forehead (mask of pregnancy). This is caused by increased pigment in your skin which is temporary.
  • Protect yourself from the sun, which will increase the pigment changes, use sunscreen as well.

“I wasn’t sure if I could feel my baby moving, so a friend suggested I lie down for a while. After a few minutes, I started feeling a butterfly sensation in my lower abdomen. It was amazing!

– Linda B.

via Your pregnancy: 19 weeks | BabyCenter.


I can’t believe that we will be welcoming a new grandchild in the next 20 weeks or so. A new little one to love and cherish in our family. Those little feet and hands and those baby sounds and smells are just so precious. Waiting for a new baby…


Pregnancy at 16 Weeks

Pregnancy at 16 Weeks

Pregnancy at 16 Weeks

How your baby’s growing

Your baby is the size of an avocado about 4 1/2 inches long and 3 1/2 ounces.

  • his head is more erect
  • legs are more developed
  • his eyes have moved closer to the front of his head
  • ears are closer to their final position
  • scalp patterning has begun
  • toenails are starting to appear
  • his heart is pumping 25 quarts of blood each day

Life and pregnancy:

  • the top of your uterus is halfway between pubic bone and your navel
  • your round ligaments are thickening and stretching as your uterus grows
  • there is probably less nausea, few mood swings and glowing skin
  • overall there is a sense of “well-being”
  • soon you will be feeling your baby’s movement
  • you may feel the movement between 16 and 18 weeks but maybe not until 20 weeks
  • the early movements might feel like gas bubbles or little flutters


You probably will gain about 12 to 14 pounds this trimester, with a total gain of 25 to 35 pounds if you began pregnancy at your average weight. Follow the guidelines of your caregiver.

As a couple you might want to plan a romantic getaway because we all know how hard it will be for you to both getaway for even a weekend alone once your baby arrives. By your third trimester, the time might be flying so fast and you might not feel like going away or you might not even feel too romantic. Even planning a stay-cation might be just what you need during the second trimester.

via Your pregnancy: 16 weeks | BabyCenter.