Baby Development 2-month-old: Week 4

Baby Development 2-month-old: Week 4

Baby development

Almost 3months old…baby is growing and moving and cooing!

Reading is one of the best things that you can do with your baby at this early age.

It actually helps him to develop his ear for the cadence of your voice and for spoken language.

You can enjoy singing to him as well as using animated voices and funny sounds and accents.


When you baby looks away he is getting tired so give him a rest.

Some nice sweet little books to read to your little one….Goodnight Moon, Good Night Gorilla  or any brightly colored board books with pictures.

Flat Head (positional plagiocephaly) and baby development

Now is the time that you may begin to notice a flattened area on your baby’s head. It is usually due to sleeping too much in the same position which is not uncommon at this age. Their heads are soft and their skulls are pliable. This condition will usually round itself out on its own as you baby finds other positions and begins to move around on his own, crawling and sitting up.

If you are very concerned about flatness please consult with you pediatrician and perhaps get a referral to a pediatric neurosurgeon or craniofacial specialist. If treatment is necessary some suggestions might be to make sure your baby is spending enough time on his tummy. Make sure you supervise him during tummy time. This time will help him strengthen his neck muscles. Stronger muscles in the neck will allow him to move his head around especially while he is sleeping. He will not then spend so much time sleeping in one position.

You may have also seen babies wearing helmets or custom fitted head bands for a few months. This helps to correct more severe cases of positional plagiocephaly. It is important to get help as soon as you notice any flattening of the head.


Well meaning advice: Beware of the baby development experts!

Most moms get their fair share of advice from well-meaning friends and relatives. It can irritate you no end if you let it. My advice is don’t listen to most of it…do what you think is best for you and your baby.

It works to just say, “thank-you” or  “I’ll think about that”. Most advice is given because just seeing a baby brings back mommy memories even 30+ year old memories. Trust me I am guilty of this and have to be really careful of this habit. I just can’t help it!

Baby Development Source: Your 2-month-old: Week 4 | BabyCenter

Weekend Pics from Parenting in the Loop-Holiday Gift Guides 2015

Holiday Gift Guides 2015

Weekend Pics from Parenting in the Loop 


The holidays can be a wonderful time of giving but sometimes there are just too many choices and deciding what is appropriate for kids, young adults and parents can be challenging.

I have been fortunate to find several Holiday Gift Guides 2015 that really help me out at this time of year. I thought I would share my favorite 2 guides with you. I also included two of my favorite gift links…Kiwi Crate and iBlog Magazine for my blogger friends. Happy Browsing and Shopping!



Source: 2015 Cool Mom Picks Holiday Gift Guide |



Holiday Gift Guides 2015 from the New York MomA blog about fashion, arts, food, travel and family straight from the Empire State

Source: TheNewYorkMom – A blog about fashion, arts, food, travel and family straight from the Empire State

My own Holiday Gift Guides 2015


Themed crates of arts & crafts and science projects for kids delivered monthly. Create, imagine, explore!

Source: Shop Kiwi Crate


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Source: iBlog magazine 2015 Holiday Gift Guide – iBlog magazine

I hope these Holiday Gift Guides 2015 help make your shopping season easier. These are suggestions that are great for presents anytime…don’t you think?

November is National Adoption Month

Adoption Month

We commemorate all those who have adopted and been adopted everyday but November is their special month! Lets remember to keep our judgments to ourselves and celebrate this wonderful opportunity.

November is National Adoption Month.

When I was in my 40’s and my kids were in grammar school several families that I knew were adopting babies. They were families that had children already. I have to admit I wondered why they were making the choice to adopt.

However it never crossed my mind to ask any of them why they were adopting another child. It was a private matter that I celebrated with them knowing that they all had so much love and affection to give a child whether it was a biological or adopted child.

Apparently there are many people that ask personal questions of adoptive parents as well as people who make comments that are clearly judgmental in their tone concerning adoption. It really is none of their business why families choose to adopt a child, who might very well not have a home if this were not an option for them.

Adoption or biological always a motherSource: 10 things never to say to adoptive parents. – TheNewYorkMom

Since this is National Adoption Month, I would like to share this post with all of you. TheNewYorkMom is a virtual friend of mine and until I read this post I did not know she had adopted her daughter at age 3.

Words that we speak affect those who hear them. They are powerful and we should choose them carefully especially when we are talking about a personal and sensitive topic.

We have all put our foot in our mouth at times. I have done it and it does not feel good at all. Sometimes I can apologize and sometimes the hurt has happened and I feel the other person’s pain and see it in their face. Sometimes, I have been the recipient of insensitive comments.

Let’s try to increase our awareness of adoption and be sensitive to those around us.

Mothers support Mothers

Weekend Pics from Parenting in the Loop


Weekend Pics from Parenting in the Loop


Colin at 2 months -Weekend


Many moms struggle with breastfeeding while others have a very different experience without difficulties. The reasons for successful breastfeeding are many but that does not make the struggles any less real for other moms.

I am always looking for a “real” stories from moms who are breastfeeding that can add support to moms who struggle with feeding their babies.

one woman’s honest look at her struggle with breastfeeding

Source: struggle with breastfeeding

With a young child or baby in the house medications are always a concern. There are just so many on the shelves in the your local drugstore or grocer. Many of these including herbal medications are not safe for children especially babies. Please be very cautious and consult with your pediatrician before giving any medications to your children and when you do use medications please make sure you measure correctly.iStock_8806268_wide

See which prescription, herbal, and over-the-counter medicines could be dangerous for your child, from aspirin to anti-nausea products.


Source: Nine medicines you shouldn’t give your baby | BabyCenter

This weekend the tragic events in Paris are all over the news media. Your children may have questions…how do you answer these questions about an event that is difficult for us as adults, parents and grandparents to understand?

Here is a list of resources from Cool Mom Picks. It is very comprehensive so please share it.


This weekend:

It’s been a somber mood around here, as our hearts go out to the people of Paris. We each have been hoping and praying for peace for humanity in our own ways, and this image from French artist Jean-Julien, which you’ve probably seen by now, has captured the sentiment so simply and beautifully.

As someone who lived through 9/11 in New York, I admit I am having a very difficult time with this. It’s hard enough to process the horror and inhumanity of it all, but what’s different this time — even though it’s 3600 miles away and not just a few blocks — is now I have children, when I didn’t in 2001. And my girls are seeing me crying as I scroll through my tablet or speak in hushed tones on the phone, and understandably, they want to know what’s wrong.


Source: How to talk to children about tragedy in Paris: Online resources

The week goes slowly and the weekend flies by…not sure why this is always the case!

I hope you have had time to relax and enjoy your family and friends. Stay safe!

Baby Development: 2 months and 3 weeks




Baby Development-2 Months & 3 Weeks


CJ two months


Our grandson is almost three months old and although he changes each day, overall there have been big changes since his birth especially in his movements and sleeping patterns.


  • James’ movements are much smoother these days. He moves both arms and legs almost in a dance of excitement when he is watching his mom and dad or his jungle friends from his little rocker seat. You can palpate his excitement in the morning when he sees his mom or dad come into his room when he wakes up.
  • Fun floor time seems to also be a favorite although tummy time tires him out more rapidly. Pushing off with his legs and holding his head up is a big deal at this point but his tummy time excitement wears off quickly. His muscles are clearly strengthening and toning which will prepare him for crawling in the few months ahead. Baby development is amazing!


  • James sleeps in his crib most of the time. He is not a co-sleeper…although sometimes he catches a nap in someone’s arms. I don’t think there is anything more relaxing than a baby sleeping in my arms. I cherish these moments and know that they don’t last and I will long for them when he is a preschooler.
  • Fortunately at this stage of his baby development, he has a predictable bed time routine which makes mom and dad happy to finally be getting some real sleep.
  • It is now a great time to begin a bedtime ritual that can set the tone for a quiet settling in to a good night’s sleep for everyone. Rocking, a bedtime bath, cuddling with a transitional object, music and or a board book story are great in their calming effects.
Transitional object baby development

Moo…The Cow

  • These rituals will change slightly over time but they are important over the long term so it is not too early to begin them and remember it is important to do the ones that work for your individual baby and family.


  • Oh this is just my favorite baby development, smiling! Your baby can even begin to hold out his arms to you! How could anyone resist not wanting to hold a cute cuddly little one?
  • Remember he/she may not be all too friendly and welcoming just yet…this takes time to develop but some little ones remain skeptical for quite awhile, so be patient.

Child development is extremely individual and unique to each and every child. Milestones are to be used as guidelines. If you have any questions about your child at any time you should consult your pediatrician for more information.


Source: Your 2-month-old’s development: Week 3 | BabyCenter