November is National Adoption Month

Adoption Month

We commemorate all those who have adopted and been adopted everyday but November is their special month! Lets remember to keep our judgments to ourselves and celebrate this wonderful opportunity.

November is National Adoption Month.

When I was in my 40’s and my kids were in grammar school several families that I knew were adopting babies. They were families that had children already. I have to admit I wondered why they were making the choice to adopt.

However it never crossed my mind to ask any of them why they were adopting another child. It was a private matter that I celebrated with them knowing that they all had so much love and affection to give a child whether it was a biological or adopted child.

Apparently there are many people that ask personal questions of adoptive parents as well as people who make comments that are clearly judgmental in their tone concerning adoption. It really is none of their business why families choose to adopt a child, who might very well not have a home if this were not an option for them.

Adoption or biological always a motherSource: 10 things never to say to adoptive parents. – TheNewYorkMom

Since this is National Adoption Month, I would like to share this post with all of you. TheNewYorkMom is a virtual friend of mine and until I read this post I did not know she had adopted her daughter at age 3.

Words that we speak affect those who hear them. They are powerful and we should choose them carefully especially when we are talking about a personal and sensitive topic.

We have all put our foot in our mouth at times. I have done it and it does not feel good at all. Sometimes I can apologize and sometimes the hurt has happened and I feel the other person’s pain and see it in their face. Sometimes, I have been the recipient of insensitive comments.

Let’s try to increase our awareness of adoption and be sensitive to those around us.

Mothers support Mothers

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