Planned Parenthood needs your help…

Planned Parenthood’s Federal funding is in jeopardy…it is perceived that they provide abortions which they do not.

They do however provide women with other healthcare options and full information concerning their options for unplanned or unwanted pregnancies. No federal funds pay for abortions.

Please follow the link below to learn more about this organization and perhaps sign on to support their fight to maintain their funding so that they can continue to serve women in need.

Planned Parenthood Crisis…

Planned Parenthood has been a resource for women and families for many years.

Now Federal funding has been jeopardized as the House of Representatives voted to cut funds to this organization and now it is on to a Senate vote.

This will be a tragic loss for women in the United States.

Last week, breast pumps were allowed new status under IRS tax laws. Michelle Obama has championed this cause. She wants to see more breastfeeding among African-American women.

I want women not be so pleased with this recognition of breast feeding by the IRS that they miss an important issue now at hand for Planned Parenthood.

Yes, it is good news that women can now enjoy a tax-break for their breast pumps but this accomplishment will be kicked to the curb if we allow Planned Parenthood to be dissolved for lack of Federal funds.

Please follow the link below to sign a petition to support Planned Parenthood funding.