Vanity Fair Gives to Women

Vanity Fair Gives Back

As I told you all, I attended a wonderful meeting of mom bloggers, MOM 2.0. in Scottsdale Arizona a couple of weeks ago. While there I enjoyed visiting with great sponsors one of which was VF Lingerie

As a thank you they are offering you a discount with purchase from their online site until May 18 2015.
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Thank you to Vanity Fair for this opportunity.


We’re partnering with Dress for Success® to support women who are overcoming obstacles and finding lasting careers and happiness. Because all women deserve a chance to succeed in life, love and the pursuit of whatever they dream.

Source: Inside Vanity Fair

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Are you a Blog Bully???

Titles are everything in the blogosphere …it can make a major difference in whether your post gets a “click” or not.

I had to click on the above post…the title caught me and here is what I thought about what I read…

The post was about feminism and the judging of moms which is rampant in the mom blogger arena. The mom judging is sometimes beyond a discussion…it can be an assault which in my opinion is very unprofessional, in addition to being unpleasant to read. This type of post puts me on the defensive…even to the point of wanting to defend the person or persons being attacked. I literally have to stop reading and refocus at times to not take sides until after finishing a post.

In the end, The Feminist Breeder certainly shredded a fellow writer’s post to make her point…I am not sure that her harshness was absolutely necessary to create a discussion on the hot topic. Her points were valid but focusing primarily on one feminist blogger did nothing for me coming over to her viewpoint.

I do not see any of this going away soon…in general, it seems that readers and watchers like cat fighting, it is like blog bullying with no real reasons behind the assaults or criticisms.

Here is the link to the post in this discussion…

I would love to know what you think about blog bullying, assaults and attacks on bloggers by fellow bloggers.

Do you think assaults are necessary in some cases?


Are critical evaluations enough to generate good discussion?

Planned Parenthood needs your help…

Planned Parenthood’s Federal funding is in jeopardy…it is perceived that they provide abortions which they do not.

They do however provide women with other healthcare options and full information concerning their options for unplanned or unwanted pregnancies. No federal funds pay for abortions.

Please follow the link below to learn more about this organization and perhaps sign on to support their fight to maintain their funding so that they can continue to serve women in need.