Pregnancy at 31 Weeks

Pregnancy at 31 Weeks

Yes your baby is now moving a lot more and still putting on weight during this time of your pregnancy getting ready for his entrance into your world.

Pregnancy at 31 weeks

He now is probably over 16 inches long, weighing in at about 3 1/2 pounds and is about the size of a coconut. A growth spurt is about to begin. Fat is beginning to accumulate under his skin. He is able to move his head from side to side and you are probably feeling a lot of movement. His somersaults will keep you up at night…all of this activity is a sign of health.

Your pregnancy life:

  • Braxton Hicks contractions are now part of your life. Your uterine muscles are tightening and relaxing getting ready for labor. These are irregular contractions and only last about 30 seconds, they are infrequent and painless although they may put pressure on your bladder and make you feel like you have to pee.
  • Frequent contractions however could be a sign of pre-term labor and you should call your practitioner immediately if you have more than four contractions in an hour or any other signs of labor.
  • Signs of Labor:
  • Increase in vaginal discharge.
  • Change in vaginal discharge (watery, mucusy, or bloody, pink or tinged).
  • Abdominal pain.
  • Menstrual cramping.
  • Increase of pressure in pelvis.
  • Low back pain especially if you didn’t have it before.


  • You might have some leaking of colostrum, if so put some nursing pads in you bra to protect your clothes.
  • You may have to buy a larger size bra.


Circumcision or not?

You  might want to have this discussion now and discuss your questions with your doctor since he will be doing the procedure if you choose to circumcise your little boy.


“I’m 31 weeks along, and at my childbirth classes they’ve been telling us to concentrate on a focal point during labor. Anything from a picture to a crack in the wall or ceiling can work, so long as it helps Mom relax and distracts her from the pain.”
– Becky

Wants and Don’t Wants:

  • Pain medication during labor.

I have definite opinions about this as I was a L&D nurse. My advice is to think about your ideal labor and delivery and try to keep an open mind about medication since every labor is different and everyone perceives pain differently. Learn about your options, discuss with your practitioner, your doula, your nurse, whoever you have that you respect their opinions. Remember there is nothing wrong with wanting to be comfortable during labor and welcoming your baby.

Stuff to get done and out of the way.

  • Packing your bag.

Although you don’t have to get this done right now you might want to gather your stuff and the little things that will make your hospital stay comfortable. Some things to have on hand.

  • Going home outfit for your sweetie.
  • Snacks, my favorite is lollipops during labor, Whole Foods has some organic fruit ones that are delicious.
  • Socks and slippers.
  • Your favorite pillow
  • A nursing bra and nightie
  • A camera, batteries.
  • Clothes for you to wear home.

Annie and Isabel, a company owned by two nurses whom I know, makes beautiful special hospital gowns for new moms. These are my personal favorites. They are great for nursing moms and make any mom feel special after having a baby. They are wonderful for pictures too. Put them on your registry. You can also wear these gowns to doctors check-ups.

pregnancy and delivery

Perfect for Moms

Adrienne will be wearing this one, I am gifting it to her…it is one of the prettiest gowns!

I have seen and personally worn Annie and Isabel Hospital Gowns.

Annie & Isabel Designer Hospital Gowns Are Great For… Pregnancy & Delivery Gift yourself, a friend, or family member a comfortable and gorgeous hospital gown to help the new mommy in your life feel beautiful during this precious time. There are many reasons why having your own hospital gown makes sense. There are even more reasons why having an Annie & Isabel hospital gown is the best choice.
Source: Pregnancy and Delivery


12 Essentials to put in your hospital bag…

One of my friends is having her first baby and has asked her friends what she should pack for her hospital stay.

Her question inspired me to look through my drafts and finally finish this post tonight.

So instead of my usual “Week in Review” here is my answer to Heather’s question.

Pregnancy seems to never end as it gets closer and closer to your due date…just ask any mom.

So about 4 weeks prior to your due date get out your bag and pack it for the  hospital.

It is a good thing to be prepared thus avoiding any last minute unnecessary chaos. Keep your bag handy to grab when the time comes. Some expectant moms leave their bags in the car just in case they are away from home when their water breaks.

Hospital Essentials.

My personal essentials list as a former Labor and Delivery nurse would include:

  • A nice soft pillow with a colorful pillow case for comfort and pictures.
  • Lollipops for labor, my personal favorites are Cherry Charms
  • I would probably opt for a wonderful hospital gown designed especially for new moms by Annie and Isabel (my personal favorites are the Anita and the Evelyn.

I have to digress here and mention my friends at Annie and Isabel…they are such special nurses that created these wonderful gowns to make women and soon men look and hopefully feel better while in the hospital. If I were going to be hospitalized I would certainly call on them to dress me for the occasion. Have a look see for yourself…my mom blogger friend, Jessica at Mommas Gone City knows first hand the comfort of a gown by Annie and Isabel.

  • A comfy bathrobe
  • Make-up to help me look and feel like myself
  • Baby’s car seat
  • Baby clothes
  • Some non-perishable snacks that I like to munch on…I have been in the hospital too many times and the long hours at night go well with cookies and ginger ale in my experience.
  • My cellphone to make the necessary baby announcements
  • My white noise machine to help me sleep at night if at all possible
  • My own breast pump
  • My camera for those special “Kodak” moments

This is a short clip about packing for Labor and Delivery from Today’s Moms

Thank you: Jessica Shyba at Mommas Gone City  and Heather soon to be mom!