Love Story…Theo and Beau


Theo and Beau

In November, we introduced you to Theo and Beau, a diminutive duo, that subsequently stole the Internet’s heart. As a holiday gift to everyone, the magic continues on blogger Jessica Shyba’s Instagram account.

via 22 New Chapters In The Most Adorable Naptime Love Story Ever.


If you have not seen this photo stream of Theo and Beau, you are missing a delightful experience!

Jessica Shyba has captured the innocence of a child and his dog…both of whom are attached to each other and are each other’s soul-mate at nap time.

For the holidays…if you are looking into getting a dog…please consider going to your local ASPCA or Animal Shelter and rescue a puppy or an older dog that needs a home. Mixed breeds make wonderful family members.

Pets are known to actually lower your blood pressure and make you more relaxed…they help people especially those who are older, stay healthier because they live on a schedule of eating and exercising…they are also less lonely.

Make a pet choice carefully, the shelters will help you to understand the responsibilities of pet ownership and make an appropriate choice.

Happy Holidays!

Life and the “Invisible String”


Every Thursday I read a post on my FB page from Eric, who is Jessie Rees’ dad. He writes  a post to Jessie, his little girl who died from an aggressive cancerous brain tumor.

I began following Jessie’s story before her death and marveled at the strength and determination of this little girl, who was fighting cancer. Jessie Rees Foundation

Today, I also read part of “Donna’s Cancer Story” written by her mom. September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month and her mom remembers Donna by posting her story each year during September.

Her “Family Portrait” post really resonated with me as a nurse, who many years ago took care of children and families going through such crises. Donna’s Cancer Story: Family Portrait | Mary Tyler Mom.

Another mom that I am know through blogging lost her son, Henry to a drug overdose when he was just a teenager.

It is a sad story and though addiction is not “cancer”, in my opinion, it is a type of “cancer” that can go into remission but it lurks always in the background just waiting for a moment of weakness or crisis to rear its ugly head. It preys on children. Henry’s Fund.

In 2010, I lost my teenage son, Henry to drug overdose. In celebration of his life and legacy, my sister Betsy and I founded Henry’s Fund, a non-profit organization that provides grants to pay the direct costs of high quality treatment and aftercare for young drug addicts between the ages of 12 and 23.

via About the Blogger – Big Good Thing.

This morning, my friend Jessica, (Momma’s Gone City) talks about visiting her sponsored child in Guatemala. It made me think about how small the world is and how we as mothers are somehow all connected by life and its challenges.

First, I want to thank all of these “friends” who share their lives with me through social media. I appreciate their words and the way they share their feelings. I feel somehow connected by an “invisible string” of humanity to each one of them.

September is “Childhood Cancer Awareness Month” and it is my hope that someday we will be able to conquer this disease but for now we can at least help by supporting their fight any way we can.

Every September, America renews our commitment to curing childhood cancer and offers our support to the brave young people who are fighting this disease. Thousands are diagnosed with pediatric cancer each year, and it remains the leading cause of death by disease for American children under 15. For those children and their families, and in memory of every young person lost to cancer, we unite behind improved treatment, advanced research, and brighter futures for young people everywhere.













Postpartum Depression & Breast Feeding, Infant Sleep, Children & Allergies….

 heart drops

Sleep is so important and so many of us crave it…makes me wonder if it doesn’t start right at the beginning of our lives when we are infants. After all it is one of the topics so hotly discussed among parenting experts.

So how do we manage to get our newborns to sleep thus giving ourselves much needed time to sleep?


Nothing can prepare you for the changes in your sleep when you welcome a newborn baby into your family. Experienced parents will issue dire warnings and tell you to sleep while you can during the last few weeks of pregnancy. (And you will think, yeah right, there’s a large boulder resting on my bladder, and sometimes it kicks for good measure.)



If you breast feed do you have less of a chance of developing PPD (Postpartum Depression)? Here is some interesting facts from FFF (Fearless Formula Feeder) that questions this premise.

The same question holds for the connection between breastfeeding and postpartum depression. Some researchers have found a correlation between lack of breastfeeding and higher incidence of depression; however, the majority of these studies don’t factor in why the mother isn’t breastfeeding in the first place. A 2009 study found that women who exhibited pregnancy-related anxiety or prenatal depressive symptoms were roughly two times more likely than women without these mood disorders to plan to formula feed. (12) “Prenatal mood disorders may affect a woman’s plans to breastfeed and may be early risk factors for failure to breastfeed,” the researchers point out. And even if the intention to breastfeed is there, multiple factors inform infant-feeding choices once a woman leaves the hospital.

Feeling like a failure, dealing with pain, frustration, and exhaustion, and having a baby who screams at the sight of her, could make any mother feel overwhelmed, let alone one who’s already on the brink of actual PPD. Maybe for those of us more prone to anxiety or depression, the stress of breastfeeding struggles is just the camel’s dreaded straw.


Are there allergies in your family, if so, there is a community online for Moms of Allergic Children.  I have also included a link to a mom’s story of her son who has asthma.


Moms of kids with allergies have to do double duty to keep their bundles of joy safe, happy, and healthy. In the Moms of Allergic Children community, moms are sharing their concerns and questions about allergies. Here are some quick tips from Dr. Oz for them and others on how to treat — and prevent — some common allergies.


Toast Tuesday

“Toast Tuesday”

I am going to recommend a blog that I thoroughly enjoy…”MommasGoneCity“by Jessica Shyba. I had the pleasure of meeting Jessica at a conference and she is just as nice in person as she is on her blog.

Jessica shares moments in NYC and in her beloved Bay Area outside of San Francisco that are all about what life is like with 3 young children. In a fresh and honest way, Jessica expresses her joys as  a mom along with her moments of frustration.

Personally, I love her photos, especially the ones of my “home” town New York. She brings me back to a time in my life when I was experiencing similar days with my own children some 30+ years ago.

However, unlike Jessica, for me there was no internet nor digital photography. I would like to think that I would have used social media in the same way as “MommasGoneCity” has, to keep in touch and share my life as a mother with my family when I moved away from them so many years ago.

Jessica, you are one of my favorite bloggers…I look forward to following your blog as it continues to evolve.


12 Essentials to put in your hospital bag…

One of my friends is having her first baby and has asked her friends what she should pack for her hospital stay.

Her question inspired me to look through my drafts and finally finish this post tonight.

So instead of my usual “Week in Review” here is my answer to Heather’s question.

Pregnancy seems to never end as it gets closer and closer to your due date…just ask any mom.

So about 4 weeks prior to your due date get out your bag and pack it for the  hospital.

It is a good thing to be prepared thus avoiding any last minute unnecessary chaos. Keep your bag handy to grab when the time comes. Some expectant moms leave their bags in the car just in case they are away from home when their water breaks.

Hospital Essentials.

My personal essentials list as a former Labor and Delivery nurse would include:

  • A nice soft pillow with a colorful pillow case for comfort and pictures.
  • Lollipops for labor, my personal favorites are Cherry Charms
  • I would probably opt for a wonderful hospital gown designed especially for new moms by Annie and Isabel (my personal favorites are the Anita and the Evelyn.

I have to digress here and mention my friends at Annie and Isabel…they are such special nurses that created these wonderful gowns to make women and soon men look and hopefully feel better while in the hospital. If I were going to be hospitalized I would certainly call on them to dress me for the occasion. Have a look see for yourself…my mom blogger friend, Jessica at Mommas Gone City knows first hand the comfort of a gown by Annie and Isabel.

  • A comfy bathrobe
  • Make-up to help me look and feel like myself
  • Baby’s car seat
  • Baby clothes
  • Some non-perishable snacks that I like to munch on…I have been in the hospital too many times and the long hours at night go well with cookies and ginger ale in my experience.
  • My cellphone to make the necessary baby announcements
  • My white noise machine to help me sleep at night if at all possible
  • My own breast pump
  • My camera for those special “Kodak” moments

This is a short clip about packing for Labor and Delivery from Today’s Moms

Thank you: Jessica Shyba at Mommas Gone City  and Heather soon to be mom!