Safety Tips and Holiday Toys!


With the holidays fast approaching, it is time to pick out toys and children’s gifts.

Here are some safe gift giving tips for small children.

If you are buying for children of different ages, remember to heed the age warnings on the toy labels and protect younger kids from their sibling’s toys that could be potentially dangerous for them.

Button Battery Warning:

Swallowing coin size lithium batteries from electronic devices…

  • remote controls,
  • watches,
  • key fobs,
  • musical greeting cards
  • and flameless candles

can be potentially life threatening to children and sometimes they are easily accessible.

Toilet Paper Roll:

If a toy can fit through an empty toilet paper roll, it could block your child’s airway and choke your child.

Toy Purchases:

Even though it is a law that toys labeled for kids under 3 cannot pose a choking threat…there are parent responsibilities.

  • look for small, removable parts
  • parts that can break off.
  • look for recalls-
  • be particularly careful of hand-me down toys

Who Do You Trust When It Comes to Car Seats and Baby Gear?


“Do not try this at home”

A baby car seat is, in my opinion, the most important purchase a parent makes…

Do your homework when making your decision.

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Baby video monitor recall

Yet another recall to report:

Baby video monitor recall

About 1.7 million video baby monitors with electrical cords have been recalled by their manufacturer, Summer Infant Inc. As evidenced in two recent deaths, the cords can present a strangulation hazard to infants and toddlers if placed too close to a crib. Because of this serious strangulation risk, parents and caregivers should never place these and other corded cameras within three feet of a crib.

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