Book review: ‘Apron Strings’




 Anyone who knows me, knows that I love my Irish heritage,


I fell in love with Ireland on my first visit there about 15 years ago.

I thought my grandmother was in the kitchen when I visited Dublin and shared my first Irish breakfast with my family.

It was like I was a little girl again, sitting at the dining room table watching my grandmother cook breakfast in our small NY kitchen.

My husband and I have visited Ireland several times and have especially enjoyed the warm Irish hospitality and Irish cooking.

So when I came upon Nessa Robin’s blog, I was in heaven.

I baked her Easter cake for my family.

Again, I was treated to a taste from my childhood when my Nana used to bake a cake from “scratch” and frost it with chocolate glaze.

Now, Nessa has published a cookbook, ‘Apron Strings‘. She has successfully shared her family recipes along with her personal and professional remedies.

A nurse, Nessa currently is a SAHM raising her family and blogging about her life as a wife, mother, daughter, and now a cookbook author.

Apron Strings‘ is beautifully written and Nessa’s photos make me feel like I am in the kitchen with her and her family.

I love a cookbook that is personal and that shares the stories behind the recipes, Nessa does just this.

She feels like a friend giving me a recipe.

Nessa has made me want to travel back to Ireland and visit the Irish countryside that has inspired her.

See for yourself…have a look at ‘Apron Strings‘.

Apron Strings - Nessa Robins_0

Disclousre: I was given a copy of ‘Apron Strings‘ for purposes of this review.


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