Mom 2.0 Again…Dana Point, California

Greetings from MOM 2.0!

A great place to be right now listening to the surf and watching the ebb and flow of the tide!

The sea is so relaxing and it has always been my happy place!

Mom 2.0 The Ritz Carlton, Dana Point CaliforniaI am one lucky grandmother to be here at Mom 2.0! This year it is here at the Ritz Carlton, Dana Point, California. The venue is spectacular and only adds to the excitement of being at this fabulous conference.

It was somewhat touch and go getting to Laguna from Chicago yesterday due to family responsibilities but it was wonderful to finally finally lay my head on on my pillow here at the hotel after a marathon day which began at 4:30 a.m. Tuesday in Chicago and ended at 11:30 p.m. here near Laguna Beach.

For the next couple of days I will be surrounded by some very interesting mothers grandmothers, dads and so many other wonderful people who will continue to inspire me.

Join me for Mom 2.0 here in California!


Mom2Summit in Scottsdale



Last Wednesday, I made my way to Scottsdale, Arizona’s Phoenician Resort and my fourth Mom2Summit.

There is always something new to learn at Mom2.0 but the best part is the energy these young women, mostly moms, have and the love they have for what they
do in the world of social media and blogging.

Mom2Summit was all it was meant to be.

Kia picked us up at the airport and delivered us in style to the Phoenician resort in Scottsdale. It was my first ride in a Kia, my husband and I loved the ride and he even got to test drive a Kia during our stay.

Dove welcomed us with products and a beautiful book celebrating the curly haired girls. Dove has some fabulous new products for those of us with
natural curls…I am thrilled. Thank you Dove!

The first evening cocktail party was so beautifully sponsored by Breyers Ice Cream and In the Raw Sugar… outdoors on the lawn. But alas, jet lag and the Arizona heat overtook me so I joined my family for an early bedtime.


Happily, before my evening ended, I had already met a few of my virtual friends in person. It is always special for me to meet new friends at Mom2.0. There are just so many talented women and moms raising this generation of children …so inspiring how they are willing to support one another in social media and on blogs.

Sponsors are important to so many bloggers and it is interesting to see some bloggers make the most of their sponsor relationships without losing their own authentic voice. I also have utmost respect for those moms, who respect their children’s boundaries and privacy.

It isn’t an easy task to balance yourself and your values when you want to monetize your blog but it is so important in my eyes.

Daphne Oz spoke to a group that I attended. Actually, it was an interview with Katie Rami from ABC television in Phoenix. Daphne spoke about work/mom balance and how it is constantly evolving as her daughter grows. In October she will add a new baby to her family to challenge her already hectic schedule. She too discussed privacy and boundaries and the care that she takes now that people have begun to recognize her daughter when she is out and about in NYC. To me, Daphne seemed to have a good handle on her goals as a mom along with handling her mom responsibilities which is no easy task. She also spoke about lending her support to certain products and is careful to curate what she sponsors.

Thursday night, I attended a dinner with Beech Nut baby foods where I met a lot of moms and learned about a brand that my family has used for three generations. Beech Nut has listened to moms and now has a whole line of organic foods and textures for baby and toddler. These foods are so very tasty that we enjoyed them in billinis and in our salad dressing at dinner … delicious!

Friday was a day of so many great sessions. I wish I could have split myself to attend many more of them.That night was the Iris awards … It was a late night which
I was unfortunately not able to attend .

I was so happy to see the winners posted on Facebook, but truthfully I was able to predict some of the winners myself!

Congratulations to all the nominees and the winners!

My husband came to Scottsdale with me and was amazed to see the sheer numbers in attendance. I dubbed the two of us, Grandma and Grandpa Mom 2.0. He said there were just too many women for him. I will miss him at Laguna next year but I
I’ll be there to absorb some energy from this great group of women!


Thank you to all those who made Mom2Summit possible!

I’m glad to be back…

Last week, I attended the MOM 2.0 Summit. It was mostly bloggers but there were some entrepreneurs mixed in with sponsors and probably many others whom I did not have a chance to personally meet.

The venue for the conference was the Ritz Carlton in Key Biscayne, FL….it was a magnificent backdrop for a very well organized, business mixed with fun event.

I just returned to Chicago late this afternoon and really cannot wait to sit down and write, but traveling really does take its toll on me.

So for now here is my comment on the MOM 2.0 Summit, Facebook page…more to come.


My first MOM 2.0…loved it. The sponsors were wonderful…if I missed visiting any of them I am sorry…I know they made the event happen. I enjoyed the wonderful women who shared so much both the attendees and speakers. Those who were not welcoming at your lunch table at the Aldi lunch…thank God you were in the minority…get over yourselves! All the rest…xoxo