Toast to Thursday’s Blog

This week was a little bit out of order, but here is my toast to a blog that I think is  worthwhile one to follow.

Janet Lansbury is inspired by Magda Gerber, the woman, who encouraged parents to be “educators”.  She shares the essence of what it is to parent within the framework of Magda’s theories and RIE.

The RIE philosophy is based on respecting infants as if they were fully functioning, spending quality time with them, learning their individual ways of communicating, not treating infants like objects, involving infants in the things that concern them, being honest with infants, and allowing infants to try to solve a problem without adult interference.


Below is an introduction to one of Janet Lansbury’s blogs…I hope you click on her link and continue to read her post…I am pretty certain you will enjoy it.



Infant expert Magda Gerber’s contributions to the lives of children are widely acclaimed by educators and child care professionals.  Less acknowledged is the tremendous gift her Educaring philosophy is to us. Magda’s theories not only make our job more enjoyable and successful they elevate the child care experience. They stretch us and engage our intellect, opening our eyes to a new view of infants, and of ourselves.

via Magda Gerber’s Gift To Grown-Ups – Parenting That Engages The Mind | Janet Lansbury.