12 tips for easing your parental anxiety…


Parents worry…it is sort of their job as I see it.

Here is an interview which may help you with some of those worries and make you a little less riddled with anxiety.

Parenthood is not easy. Worrying of course does not really help anything. Enjoy your baby and child and try to live in the present and plan for the future not worry about it.

I hope this article helps.

“Almost from the moment you know you’re pregnant, it begins — a cascade of anxiety touching on everything from health to finances.  And as your child grows, so do your worries.  Can she subsist on a diet of crackers and cereal?  Why is he struggling to read?  Our goal is to put these thoughts to rest. We asked readers on parents.com to share their biggest kid fears and got experts to weigh in with smart coping advice

via 12 tips for easing your ‘parent-noia’ – TODAY Health – TODAYshow.com.”