Life… measured by the glass….

A more classical definition from the Mayo Clinic: “Optimism is the belief that good things will happen to you and that negative events are temporary setbacks to be overcome.”

A Richer Life by Seeing the Glass Half Full –

I am a glass full person…although I am fairly realistic about what I can actually accomplish in any given day. There is no end to the list of my things to do on my personal “bucket list

Having a successful blog is one of my to do’s. The question that looms in my head is, “How does one measure a blog’s success?”

Is it by numbers of readers, numbers of comments, quality of discussions or is by what the writer, in this case me, derives from publishing meaningful content on a regular basis.

There are many blogs that I admire and enjoy. The reason I read these blogs is because they are well written and I enjoy what the writers have to say. Some of these  blogs are “mom” blogs…they talk about family, parenting, they share personal stories and pictures…they are sort of autobiography crossed with a  personal diary. I find these blogs entertaining, heartwarming and sometimes heart wrenching.

Some other favorite blogs of mine are photographic ones…by talented amateur photographers…then there are the blogs that are educational.

I always need to be educated about something…social media, blogging, medicine, parenting, etc.

What are some of your favorite blogs…why do you read them and if you write one why do you do it?

2 thoughts on “Life… measured by the glass….

  1. Sometimes you scare me, so I go to the mirror to check, it seems when you talk you could be me, I you…….I’m 3/4 glass full , but can be 1/4 panic if it is my kids or grand kids involved…..I could pick up kids broken on the playground, cool as a cucumber, by I tend to be pretty upset when my daughters or gran kids have a crisis.
    I like educational and mommy blogs…….someday I hope every child will be safer because parents will have empowered their children, along with raising my children, to become good women, that is the legacy, I would hope to leave.

  2. Thank you…what a nice compliment. I would agree with you on the legacy that I would hope to leave. Here’s to moms who blog!

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