Pregnancy at 23 weeks


Pregnancy At 23 Weeks


Pregnancy at 23 Weeks

Your growing baby can now hear music and can feel your movements at this point in your pregnancy. He is weighing in at just over a pound and a little more than 11 inches in length about the size of a mango.

  • He is getting his lungs ready to breath on his own after delivery.
  • He is able to hear loud noises as well.
  • You may even see his movements on your belly at this point.

Your body is still changing too:

  • You may have some ankle and feet swelling especially now that the warmer weather is coming.
  • The swelling is called edema and is due to changes in your circulation and blood chemistry.
  • This fluid will go away after you have your baby.
  • Remember to lie on your left side and put your feet up whenever you can.
  • Stretch out and avoid standing or sitting in one place for long excessive periods of time.
  • Regular exercise is important for your circulation and drinking plenty of fluids helps with fluid retention.
  • If you experience sudden swelling in your extremities, hands ,face or eye puffiness call your caregiver as this could be a sign of a serious condition known as preeclampsia.

“When I started having trouble sleeping during my pregnancy, I asked my friends what to do. One suggested I take a half-hour walk during the day. It really helped me sleep better, and it felt great to have a little time for myself.”

Source: Things to think about:

  • Cord Blood Banking

If you bank your baby’s cord blood, the blood left in your baby’s umbilical cord and placenta after birth is collected, frozen, and stored for future medical use. Cord blood is prized because it’s a rich source of stem cells – the building blocks of the blood and immune system.

Stem cells have the ability to develop into other types of cells. Because of this, they can help repair tissues, organs, and blood vessels and can be used to treat a number of diseases. Cord blood has already been used successfully in the treatment of more than 70 diseases. And many more uses for cord blood are being researched and tested.

The process of collecting cord blood is fast and painless for you and your baby. Storing cord blood makes it more likely that that its unique, potentially lifesaving stem cells won’t go to waste.

Your pregnancy: 23 weeks | BabyCenter


Find out more:These are links from Baby Center that discuss cord blood banking pretty thoroughly.

Overview of cord blood banking
Choosing whether to donate or use a private cord blood bank

Another suggestion from Baby Center:

Make a collage about your pregnancy and your hopes and dreams for your baby or write a letter to your baby. It will be something that your child will treasure.

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