3 Must Reads This Weekend

3 Must Reads this Weekend

Weekend Fun at Fullers Beach Martha's Vineyard

Secondary Drowning and How You Can Save Your Child

There is nothing like a summer weekend for family fun times. Water safety is something we should all be aware of especially during this time of the year.

Water is fun but it can also be dangerous. If your child falls in or has a water incident and displays any of these signs it could be secondary drowning which can happen in even 1/2 inch of water.

  • child is not acting like himself
  • he is lethargic
  • he is coughing even after the event is over
  • his lips changed color
  • he has a change in his breathing

These can be a sign that he has water in his lungs and needs immediate medical help. Call 911 immediately.

Click the following link for a video on CPR for children.


Source: What Is Secondary Drowning And How Can You Prevent It :: YummyMummyClub.ca

Flying with Baby

Traveling with baby on a weekend getaway can be trying at best. Here are a few tips that just might help you as you get ready to board a plane with your little one.

  • Crying At High Altitudes-This is stressful for you more than other passengers even when they give you dirty looks. Sucking on a pacifier, nursing or feeding your baby a bottle might ease the pressure on his ears.
  • Ear pain– Again this is experienced by some babies and not others. If your baby has a cold and you are going to travel you might want to have your pediatrician take a quick peek at his ears to make sure he does not have an infection.
  • Noise level- The decibel level in the plane may be upsetting to your baby, using small  pieces of cotton to cover your baby’s ears may help him fall asleep through the noise.
  • Flying with Baby – HealthyChildren.org

9 Signs of Mean Girl Behavior Warnings

No one wants their daughter to be a “mean” girl. Here are some 9 signs that might be the beginning of trouble.

  • She is bossy
  • She is always making threats
  • She forms clubs to exclude other kids
  • Click the link to read the rest: Is Your Daughter a Mean Girl

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Are Your Kids “Waterproofed”?


Summer is officially here.

Swim Safety is so important at all times but especially in the summer months.

Drowning is the second most common cause of death from injuries among kids under the age of 14. Drowning can happen so fast — sometimes in less than 2 minutes after a persons head goes under the water. That leaves very little time for someone to help.

via Swimming.

My children were taught to swim to the side of the pool and tread water when they were barely walking because we lived in Florida at the time and pools were all around us.

Of course “waterproofing” a child is no guarantee that he or she will not get into trouble around a pool…and here is a true story.

One evening while living in South Florida, one of our friends came home from work to greet his family.  His five year old son, nonchalantly  said,

“Hi Daddy, Jimmy is at the bottom of the pool”…

Our friend went into panic mode…ran to their screened in pool area, dove into the water to bring his limp 3-year-old son to the surface and immediately give him CPR.

Fortunately, it was just in time…and his son responded to his resuscitation efforts. Luckily, dad was a physician and knew how to respond…but at that moment he was a panicked father too.

Not all stories of accidental drowning end with a successful resuscitation. Timing is everything.

Parks Department Offers Swimming Lessons for Second Graders – NYTimes.com.

More tips on swim safety: Swimming.